Seminar at Dragonfly Karate

The seminar will cover applications in kata/forms ( bunkai ) for both defensive and training purposes. Focus will be in concept-based applications for your system and style. This weekend’s material will encompass the Pinan/Heian/Pyung series but also include drills and ground applications from other forms, as well. Subject matter is applicable to many styles and forms. The seminar is open to kyu and dan ranks and is a great opportunity to meet and train with local martial artists!


Saturday September 9, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Sunday September 10, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Seminar is hosted by Dragonfly Karate & Kobudo in Terrell, TX.

Guest instructor is Paul Wilson of White Rock Kenshinkan in Austin, TX.

Early registration : $50 for 1 day or $75 for two days

$60/$90 at the door

Contact for details and registration


4th Bunkai Seminar Debrief

White Rock Kenshinkan Dojo held it’s 4th annual Bunkai seminar. This year’s attendance was double previous years and had a strong showing, by both Federation members and first timers, and several returning karateka, as well. In all, martial artists representing the following systems came to share in kata concepts and applications:

Shorinryu | Goju Ryu | Kempo Jujitsu | Tae Kwon Do | Tang Soo Do | Keichu Ryu Shotokan | Kyokushin

I started these seminars in order to meet people after moving to Austin, but those that attended had a good time and seemed to want this kind of research, so we tried it annually and it took off, growing every year, often by word of mouth. (This year, we had to utilize both the front and back rooms!) I made it “open” in order to meet up with new friends but also as a way to help inform fellow martial artist from different systems that, since we often use the same kata, the application can differ but the concept is the same.

The secondary goal of these seminars were to challenge myself, as an instructor and karateka, to see if I could even get it off the ground. It then evolved to extending the information and keeping it fresh, as well as leading a group of karateka with experience across the spectrum.

The theme this year was “Get a Grip on your Kata” and we focused on kata application with emphasis on opponent control. We looked at common concepts within various kata and talked about the different application versions, as well as the context of Okinawan kata and how it informs the applications. This year, we included guest lecturers Matt Hamilton, who led a discussion on hubud principals and Adrian Williams who led a section on the Goju Ryu version of Seisan.

The session started with some fundamentals, consisting of stepping drills to help guide attendees that come from systems that focus on longer ranges to operating at kata range. It also serves to remind all of us on the benefits of body change and proper stances to set up the variety of applications. Kumu Matt then led the Hubud session, focusing on the passing, trapping and grabbing that can be found in kata. We paused from time to time to highlight examples found in several flavors of kata. After, that we tied the feet and hands together by combining the drills to prep for the bunkai work in the afternoon.

The Bunkai section kicked off with a small section on how the distance and position change application, using Fukyugata as an example of a basic kata “hiding” arm bars and throws, as well as strikes. We also talked about systems can vary using the same concept. As the participants worked on the material, we were lucky enough to have Don Foster, Kyoshi and Michael Veillon, Renshi help out with uncovering the concepts by working with the groups.

Instead of focusing on a particular kata we hopped around various “cross-platform” kata and worked on repeating concept in kata such as Fukyugata, Wansu, Pinan and Seisan, with some brief visits with Naihanchi, Chinto and Passai.

Overall, everyone indicated they had a great time! I know I did and appreciated the support of my Federation family.  I learn so much getting ready for and then leading these seminars and look forward to sharing this type of training to help us all understand and grow!


Karate Kata Bunkai Seminar Information

“The Map is not the Territory…”

Is there function in your form(s)? Kata is the map but often doesn’t describe the territory it charts and what you see is just the beginning of what you can get. Knowing where your kata comes from relates to what it can address and where it can go! Students of Okinawan, Japanese, Korean and U.S. systems share many kata, but:

  • Does your system reflect your kata and vice versa?
  • Does your training dive into the intention of your form(s) and its contextual history?
  • It should #protip

In-depth analysis of kata/forms can help students perform and apply technique in an effective manner and spur on-going improvement. For instructors, it offers a rich pool of material to help keep students on track and interested in the system, as well as providing a conduit for personal martial growth and a deeper connection to the system you teach.

Bring this to your training in 2 ways!

  1. Instructor Focused Workshop: Kata analysis session(s) working with standard kata/form sets or specific forms for your school. Aimed at instructors & senior students. We dive into that material and look for all the opportunities to tear it apart, tie it all together and extend it into your training and teaching.
  2. Hosted open seminar: Hosted at your location using “cross-platform kata” we use that map to “understand the territory”, allowing the participants to discover( and rediscover ) the function in their forms. Participants will be encouraged to review their technical tool box and add new concepts and applications. System-specific forms can also be used to reinforce your system-specific concepts.


Email or call 512-537-5425 to schedule your sessions

CLICK HERE for seminar example

Seminars are led by Paul Wilson of White Rock Kenshinkan and co-host of the Karate Cafe Podcast. Wilson Sensei is Austin’s leading instructor in kata application, hosting annual open seminars attended by instructors and students from Okinawan, Japanese, Korean and U.S. based systems. The seminars are based on understanding the commonalities of our arts, the concepts that join our lineages and removing the politics that block learning.

3rd Annual Bunkai Seminar

2014 Bunkai Seminar Pictures 


Saturday April 4th 2015 1:30-5:30pm

The seminar is open to all martial artists who are interested in researching practical applications within their kata/forms. We’ll be discussing applications from kata, focusing on Naihanchi/Naifanchi/Tekki/Chul Gi and also from Pinan/Pyong series and others. Find the FAQs here…

Last year’s seminar had attendees with experience in:



Tang Soo Do

Uechi Ryu


Koryu Uchinadi

Tae Kwon Do


Additional concepts covered include: distance & footwork, Joint Locks & Chin-Na applications, Crane concepts, what you might be “missing” in your kata and how kata joins systems

Space is limited!!!!

$45/$35(attended previous seminars)

OSMKKF/AOSKKF members $25

INSTRUCTOR SPECIAL: Bring 3 participants and get a discount and free registration!

$90 at the door (Instructor & 3 attendees)

Click here to register!!

WRK Rank Promotions

White Rock Kenshinkan Karate Dojo in Austin, TX announces student promotions!

Students demonstrated their ability in karate, tuite, self defense, ippon kumite and kata as well as protocol and adaptability.

Hector Flores and Harry Hart passed the examination for 9th kyu in class tonight, as guests watched adding to the pressure. They performed all the techniques they’ve been learning over the months and proudly received dojo certificates of their promotion.

I’m very proud of Hector and Harry! The first ranking students of my new dojo in Austin!!

Hector Flores, Wilson Sensei, Harry Hart


WRK Slideshow

Training Notes Karate koteate hubud and kata

Good round of basics with the addition of some combo techniques.

Remember, when doing the combos it’s better to slow up some and do the technique correctly, rather than shortcut it to try and keep up. Try not to slow the class down, but take the time you can to focus on the technique. So if you’r struggling, keep stepping but focus on the technique at hand…

Koteate intro went well. Remember to breathe and stay loose until the point of impact.



Protocol note: Remember when someone who outranks you demonstrates something, makes a correction or answers a question respond with “Hai!” and “Domo Arigato!” using the appropriate title.

Hubud went well with the addition of a drill to upset stances. Remember: the drill works both ways and on a couple of levels.


  • Tori needs to seek the right time to disrupt the uke’s balance


  • Uke (as always) can use this an opportunity to both practice intent and focus on an attack as well as using it as a drill to practice recovering balance.


Kata looked great!!

Training notes – Karate, drills & kata

Another good class!!

Added front side kick & back kick. Good questions on leg positioning relative to where kick is headed. More discusion of power vs placement.

Punching drills on the pads helped reinforce (no pun intended) wrist alignment and gave a good workout.



Great work on kata! Some good examples of just “phoning it in” though. Remember, if you’re bored with a kata, then there’s something you’re not thinking about. Speed up, slow down, focus on footwork, etc. As you’re learning it, take it in small chunks.



Class notes


Lots of talk of circles, big and small. In the stepping, in the blocks and hand movements etc.

As always…go slow! Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. If you can’t see it, you wont be able to polish it.

We covered the basic protocol for opening & closing class. Read that manual!

Springwoods Park Dojo 8/28/2012

Basics, adding block w/front kick to the side. We picked up the pace in basics a bit.

Tightening up wider stances – we addressed the weight shift issues.

We talked about some ways to remember the order of the blocks.

We used a hubud drill to work on a simple arm bar & transitions for body placement and keeping strength at your core. The drill was also aimed at destroying the stance of the uke and recovering, as well.

Kata – Looked great. Keep it deliberate and slow.

We talked about some applications for the footwork and some transition helper moves.

Springwoods Park Austin, tx

Springwoods Park Dojo 8/23/12

Small class but we covered a lot!

Added some variations on the wrist escapes, focusing on the core moves (circles and intent) reinforcing the basics and those principals. We also talked about maintaining contact, body placement and the variety of options available within a technique. Escaping vs engaging.

Found another bunkai application for Fukyugata Ichi, as well.

A question camp up about blocking kicks, hands vs legs. We’ll look a that soon!