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Karate kata is the encyclopedia of karate and karate-based arts. Concepts and principles found there are practiced by many systems and styles, but the applications often separate us, usually by choice. Open or class-level seminars are aimed at breaking those barriers. They’re also fun!

…Sensei Paul does a great job of opening my mind and helping me to see the self-defense applications that were previously hidden to me in the kata.


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Kobudo is not a lost art! It has been misrepresented and is often limited to flashy applications. Our seminar sessions dig into Kobudo history and context to reveal the practical origins that can still be used in the modern world.

This type of training is a must for all instructors that want to feel comfortable about sending students out into real world situations.

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The Okinawan art of joint locks is an often misinterpreted system that can help expand understanding of Karate and Kobudo and set up growth in an art for all practitioners.

The seminar material was well laid out and also allowed enough time for us to explore. I highly recommend this seminar…

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