About the Dojo

We’re a small non-profit dojo, training in Austin, TX.

WRK was founded in Dallas, TX in the Little Forest HIlls neighborhood in 2007.

We train seriously, using traditional Shorin Ryu Matsumura Seito principals, passed down over the decades. We also apply this foundation to practical self-defense concepts and techniques.

Wilson Sensei Applies arm bar
Techniques we teach are meant to be used by anyone, regardless of physical strength.
The technique must work for the individual and we work to ensure it does.

Serious training requires the dedication of both students and instructors.
The dojo head instructor is there to lead the student, but it is up to the student
to take responsibility for the direction and focus of their training.

A dojo is a family. We foster an open atmosphere where we support fellow students.
We foster a sense of responsibility to self, family, others and the community
as well as the dojo.

White Rock Kenshinkan is a chartered dojo for the Okinawa Shorin Ryu Matsumura
Seito Karate and Kobudo Federation, under Fusei Kise, Hanshi. The core curriculum
is endorsed, created and revised with the OSMKKF in Okinawa. All rank is also
recorded in Okinawa.

After years of hard work, culminating in being voted one of the top ten martial arts schools in DFW, WRK was relocated to Austin, TX. WRK is the only Shorin Ryu dojo in Austin and one to the few Okinawan karate/kobudo dojo.

Come join our dojo and become part of a tradition that spans hundreds of years…

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