Instructor Bio

Performing Chinto Paul Wilson began training in Shorin Ryu in 1987 in Fort Smith, AR. He received his shodan (1st degree black belt) in 1989 from Jerry Partain, training under Don Foster and Owen Gilmore. He continued his training under his current Sensei, Don Foster, and was awarded his subsequent rank under his guidance. He currently holds a Yondan (4th degree) in Karate and a Yondan in Ryukyu Kobudo (Weapons).

Foster Sensei and Wilson  Sempai practicing Ananku Paul joined the Navy in 1990 and had the opportunity to visit and train association dojo in New Hampshire and California. He also had the good fortune to be stationed, and later discharged, in Hawai’i where he trained with visitors from our Kenshin Kan association and also with many practioners from other styles. Wilson Sensei had the chance to train in tai chi, jujitsu, escrima and wing chun.

In 2005 Paul moved to Dallas, and later opened White Rock Kenshin Kan (formerly Foster Dojo, South) in the Little Forest Hills neighborhood in honor of the park that was home to the dojo in the beginning. The dojo is based on his “5 levels of defense” philosophy and his conviction to personal responsibility to self, family and community.

In 2012, a career opportunity caused Paul to turn the dojo over to his senior student for a move to Austin, TX. After settling in, he began teaching classes at a local park to build students until moving into a space in September of that year. Bringing a unique training philosophy as well as the only Shorin Ryu karate dojo in Austin.

Paul is also the co-host of the first martial arts podcast, KarateCafe.

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