Class Info

Foster Sensei and Wilson Sempai - Pasai Sho

Class Location & Times

9313 Anderson Mill Road
Suite E
Austin, TX 78729


7:30-9 pm

Open to ages 13 and up!

13 & younger with Parent(s)

Wilson Sensei in park demo

Classes usually begin and end with a formal bow in/out and warm-up, followed by practice of the basic blocks, kicks and punches. Further training can include kata (forms), conditioning exercises, drills and self-defense practice. Students that have enough experience also learn kobudo (weaponry).

Students are expected to train seriously and with the knowledge that karate is a journey. We are not a “black belt school”.

Tuition & Fees:

First week of classes is free. Month to month dues are $85. One time sign up fee of $100 (includes student gi & Federation Dues). There are no contracts!!! There is an annual fee for association membership (required) of $30, thereafter. Dues are paid by the first of the month.

Special pricing available for:



Law Enforcement, Fire-Fighters and EMTs

Test fees are due before test day and vary according to rank. Updated test fees are available, anytime, from the Sensei. Testing occurs approximately every 3 months, although not every student will be testing every time. Students are never forced to test.


Students will only need a white karate gi, initially. The student may want to purchase an additional gi, which can be acquired through the dojo. As the student progresses, the student will need some safety equipment such as a mouth protector, groin cup, etc. as well as kobudo equipment when the time comes. All equipment can be acquired from the dojo.

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