Training Notes Karate koteate hubud and kata

Good round of basics with the addition of some combo techniques.

Remember, when doing the combos it’s better to slow up some and do the technique correctly, rather than shortcut it to try and keep up. Try not to slow the class down, but take the time you can to focus on the technique. So if you’r struggling, keep stepping but focus on the technique at hand…

Koteate intro went well. Remember to breathe and stay loose until the point of impact.



Protocol note: Remember when someone who outranks you demonstrates something, makes a correction or answers a question respond with “Hai!” and “Domo Arigato!” using the appropriate title.

Hubud went well with the addition of a drill to upset stances. Remember: the drill works both ways and on a couple of levels.


  • Tori needs to seek the right time to disrupt the uke’s balance


  • Uke (as always) can use this an opportunity to both practice intent and focus on an attack as well as using it as a drill to practice recovering balance.


Kata looked great!!