Promotion Notice

September 9th, 2007- White Rock Kenshin Kan
Karate & Kobudo Dojo is pleased to announce the promotion of one of it’s
students. Shawn Mahan of Garland was promoted to 8th kyu white belt, on September
9th, 2007. Shawn admirably demonstrated knowledge of basic techniques, protocol,
self-defense concepts and techniques and empty-hand kata(forms).

“There is more to karate than just the physical part.
Shawn has shown dedication to the school and a desire to continually improve
on what he has already learned. He’s not just trying to learn it all, right
now.” said Paul Wilson, head instructor of White Rock Kenshin Kan. “Shawn
also demonstrates a key factor in personal development of a martial artist.
He trains hard in the dojo(karate school) but knows that family and work come
before martial arts training.”

Wilson Sensei and Shawn with certificate