Promotion News!!

Congratulations to my Dallas student Chris Carroll on his promotion to shodan!!!

Also, Blaine Hightower received his 3rd kyu brown belt and John Fleming, who took over the Dallas dojo, received his Instructor Certification in karate.

Very proud of you all!!


John Fleming, Sensei of Iron Dojo, Wilson Sensei, Carroll Sempai
Below: Shawn Carroll Blaine Hightower

WRK Rank Promotions

White Rock Kenshinkan Karate Dojo in Austin, TX announces student promotions!

Students demonstrated their ability in karate, tuite, self defense, ippon kumite and kata as well as protocol and adaptability.

Hector Flores and Harry Hart passed the examination for 9th kyu in class tonight, as guests watched adding to the pressure. They performed all the techniques they’ve been learning over the months and proudly received dojo certificates of their promotion.

I’m very proud of Hector and Harry! The first ranking students of my new dojo in Austin!!

Hector Flores, Wilson Sensei, Harry Hart


WRK Slideshow

WRKK in Top Ten in DFW!!

In a recent poll by White Rock Kenshinkan Karate & Kobudo Dojo placed 7th overall and was the ONLY Traditional Martial Arts school to make the Top Ten!!
If you’ve ever been interested in martial arts or are looking to return to training, come see what makes us the #1 Traditional Karate dojo in DFW!!
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Promotion Notice

White Rock Kenshin Kan News

October 11th, 2007 – White Rock Kenshin Kan
Karate & Kobudo Dojo is pleased to announce the promotion of one of it’s
students. Chris Carroll of Plano was promoted to 6th kyu green belt in Okinawan
Kobudo (weaponry), on September 9th, 2007. He received his certificate from
the federation headquarters in Okinawa on October 11th at White Rock Kenshin
Kan Karate Dojo. Chris demonstrated knowledge of basic techniques and kata
(forms) using the 6-foot bo (staff).

“The bo is the first defense weapon we learn.”
said Paul Wilson, head instructor of White Rock Kenshin Kan, “It is
a key tool to understand, since you can almost always find a stick. Understanding
the basic concepts of using a bo allows the student to understand ranges and
techniques that also apply to empty hand techniques in karate. To a degree
it replaces fear of a weapon with understanding, which is another key concept
in self defense.”

Wilson Sensei and Carroll Sempai

Promotion Notice

September 9th, 2007- White Rock Kenshin Kan
Karate & Kobudo Dojo is pleased to announce the promotion of one of it’s
students. Shawn Mahan of Garland was promoted to 8th kyu white belt, on September
9th, 2007. Shawn admirably demonstrated knowledge of basic techniques, protocol,
self-defense concepts and techniques and empty-hand kata(forms).

“There is more to karate than just the physical part.
Shawn has shown dedication to the school and a desire to continually improve
on what he has already learned. He’s not just trying to learn it all, right
now.” said Paul Wilson, head instructor of White Rock Kenshin Kan. “Shawn
also demonstrates a key factor in personal development of a martial artist.
He trains hard in the dojo(karate school) but knows that family and work come
before martial arts training.”

Wilson Sensei and Shawn with certificate